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    1. Welcome to Guangdong yingyuan environmental protection water treatment technology co., LTD !

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      Tel: 0769-22672105
      Contact: Mr. Liu 13925856885

      Huizhou branch
      Phone: 0752-2209958
      Contact: Liu Jianqiang 18026519958

      Xingning branch
      Phone: 0753-3262568
      Address: 41 yihua road, xingning city.

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      Address: Dongcheng District, Dongguan Industrial Park with the sand

      About Us

          Dongguan Ying Source Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in water treatment works. Over the years, has been committed to the development of China's water treatment business, the adoption of global advanced technology and equipment products throughout the electronic, optical, chemical, plating, coating, circuit boards, cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, bio- engineering and other industries and fields.
          Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Ying source R & D in conjunction with professional team, excellent equipment and devices, there is a complete set of manufacturing plants, the perfect design, excellent construction quality and perfect after-sales service quality, providing customers with fast high-quality service.
          With GE-OSMONI CS (
      奧斯莫尼斯), Pentair, IONRURE, LG, SIEMENS, + GF + SIGNET, OMRON, WOLO, GRUNDFOS, BAYER, DOW (Dow), SIATA, Rohm and Haas, Hyde can, A Tuzu, the only game Bo, Fu Lake and other companies to establish long-term good cooperation relationship with advanced technology, perfect management and excellent service based on the industry being, to be honest, rigorous, realistic and innovative spirit to provide users quality products and professional services.

      Contact us

      Address: Dongcheng District, Dongguan Industrial Park with the sand



      Mobile:Mr. Liu 13925856885


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